"They are a wonderful way to introduce your child to music!
My son and I
have been attending classes since he was seven months old.
He's now eighteen months and loves his music class!"


Early Childhood Music

The Conservatory of Central Illinois is committed to offering quality early childhood programs. Early positive musical experience is important for children. Music is a natural part of a child's life. Children weave music into their play, games, and exploration of the world around them. Musical activities provide children with important experiences that can help them develop physical coordination, a sense of memory, visual, aural, and language skills.

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Tiny Tot Notes - Ages: Infant - 18 months with a parent or caregiver
Tiny Tot Notes is sharing of music from the earliest years. Parent or caregiver and child participate in activities of movement, singing, and listening in an atmosphere of warmth and imagination. Activities which can be shared at home are encouraged.

Tot Notes Original - Ages: 1 1/2 - 3 years with a parent or caregiver
Singing, playing, listening, and creating occur in an atmosphere of warmth and imagination. Rhythm instruments are introduced. Children are accompanied by a parent or caregiver, and the enjoyment of music is stressed.

Songbird Special - Ages: 2 1/2 - 4 years with a parent or caregiver
Songbird Special stresses the enjoyment of music through singing, movement, listening and creating. The child's increasing song repertoire becomes a framework for musical growth. Music making is encouraged through the use of rhythm instruments.

Kitchen Band Kids - Ages: 5 months - 5 years. Adult may bring up to four children.
Come with your brother or sister or your daycare buddies and we will all make music together. Suggestions for at-home activities will be presented.

NEW! Rhythm & Rhyme - Ages: 3 - 5 years with a parent or caregiver
Let the power of music lead your child down the path to reading! Explore the natural rhythms of songs, rhymes, and stories. Come for songs and imaginative alphabet and word games. Activities are designed to be continued at home to encourage further growth.

Click here to see a current schedule of all early childhood music classes.

Did you know...

Studies have shown that positive musical experiences have a powerful effect on the intellectual and creative development of children.

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